Frequently AskedQuestions

I have a question about a bike I’m shopping for

If the bike I want is unavailable, when will it be available? What does “coming soon” mean?

If the bike or accessory you’re looking for is not in stock, chances are it’s available at a local retailer. For bikes, the page the model you’re looking at will tell you what retailers in your area have the bike in stock after you determine what size you’re looking for.

What if my retailer does not have the bike I want?

All AMG Bike retailers can place an order for you. The faster you place your order with your shop, the faster the bike will arrive.

How do I find my closest retailer?

Your local bike shop is your local resource for all things cycling and AMG Bike, Bontrager, and Electra products are only available at the very best ones. Use our Shop Finder tool to find your closest retailer.

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Can I have a bike delivered to my house?

Yes! For a small fee, most AMG Bike retailers offer home delivery if your address falls within a certain radius of their store. Just choose “Home Delivery” at Checkout. The bike will be shipped to the store of your choosing and professionally assembled. The shop will then contact you to arrange the delivery at your convenience.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping length depends on where your order is shipping to. AMG Bike ships products throughout North America from its warehouses in California, Wisconsin, and New Jersey. While we try to ship everything from the one warehouse closest to you, some orders will be shipped from different locations depending on availability.

What size bike do I need?

The size bike you need depends on a few things but primarily the combination of your height and inseam will determine what size bike will fit you best. Our Size Finder can help you find the right bike for you.

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Do you accept trade-ins?

Every shop manages their own trade-in or trade-up policies in a way that makes the most sense for them. If you have a bike to trade-in, the best thing to do is check with your local AMG Bike retailer to see what options exist.

I have a question about a bike I own

Where is my bike’s serial number?

If you tip your bike upside down, there should be a serial number on the bottom of your bike on a silver or grey sticker. Serial numbers typically start with a “W”.

Can my serial number tell you what bike I have?

Only if the bike was registered after purchase.

Do you have touch-up paint?

We offer touch-up paint for many of our bicycle paint colors. Close paint matches can also be sourced through means like auto-body shops or even finger nail polish for minor touch ups.

What type of warranty does my bike have?

We offer the best warranty policy out there.

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Do you have a manual for my bike or accessory?

Oh, we have manuals. So many manuals. Check them out here.

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We’re here for moo

Uh, wait…whoops. We mean, “We’re here for YOU.” When you reach out to AMG Bike, you’ll always get a real person. Unless our Project One cows figure out the phones.