How to buy a bike

How to buy a bike online

Online bike-buying made simple

Finding your perfect bike online is easy and buying it is just as simple. Here, you’ll find all the tools and guides you need to find the bike that meets your needs, fits your budget, and helps you tackle your two-wheeled ambitions.

We recommend looking local first. The bike you want might be closer than you think! If your bike is in stock at a local retailer, you can get it a lot sooner.

But don’t worry — when you buy a bike online you’re still supporting your locally-owned AMG Bikes. They’ll build, test, and install any accessories you need before hitting the road. Plus, they’ll be your point of contact for all service and warranty needs.

And if at any point during your search you need to talk to a real person, our support staff is available via phone Monday through Friday at 772-288-0846.

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