2023 Polygon Path 2 Urban City Bike


The Polygon Path 2 combines speed, agility, and style in an urban bike. Designed by combining the efficiency of a road bike with a specific commuter geometry. The Path 2 is the perfect bike for social rides with friends or for dodging traffic to make it to a meeting on time.

The ALX Alloy frame on the Path 2 is formed using a process called “hydroforming” which gives each individual tube on the frame a specific shape and eliminates any excess unwanted material which results in a very lightweight frame. This type of frame is generally seen on more expensive bikes in the market. The bike is constructed using a geometry that provides a slightly more upright riding position – allowing the rider to easily view upcoming obstacles or traffic.

The fork on the bike is now also made from Aluminum, this reduced the overall weight of the bike compared with typical steel or cromoly forks.