Marin Lombard 1 – Urban & Gravel Bike


It’s the years of slugging it out in the city that has made the Lombard such a capable beast on the dirt. The same large 700x40mm tires that eat up the potholes also allow for smoothing out the washboard back roads.

It is here we see the same butted aluminum frame is just as ready to sprint to the next green light, while also allowing it to ascend a peak on the distant gravel road. The consistent and all-weather power of disc brakes and reliable shifting components are ready for daily use, on or off the tarmac. Cables and housings are run internally to allow the reflective frame graphics to keep you visible to motorists for the evening and early morning excursions. Whether commuting daily in the city or spinning for hours in the country, the Lombard is steadfast and excited to be your companion for all of it.

A tough and fast rig for urban riding, the Lombard can take you to work, day in and day out. It will get you to your destination, and take hardy roads without blinking an eye. Built-in reflectivity keeps you visible from all directions, and thanks to the durable components and higher-volume tires, you can treat the city as a playground.